Series Three of The Brittas Empire, which we revealed is to be released on Boxing Day, has appeared on the BBFC. The entry is 174 minutes 38 seconds, and has six parts:

00:29:58:03 | THE BRITTAS EMPIRE
00:27:59:19 | THE BRITTAS EMPIRE
00:29:08:20 | THE BRITTAS EMPIRE
00:28:17:18 | THE BRITTAS EMPIRE
00:29:29:07 | THE BRITTAS EMPIRE
00:29:44:07 | THE BRITTAS EMPIRE

How helpful. Consulting our episode guide (in which you can also read the episode synopsi), the episode titles (as given in the Radio Times but not seen on-screen) are: The Trial, That Creeping Feeling, Laura’s Leaving, Two Little Boys, Sex, Lies and Red Tape, and The Stuff of Dreams. The series was originally broadcast on BBC1 between 7th January and 11th February 1993. There’s no details of extras as yet.

Amusingly, it’s passed as a PG, and yet has warnings for every single category: it has “Infrequent, mild” language, “Infrequent mild references” to sex, “Some, mild, comic” violence, and also has “Mild drug references”. Excellent. I haven’t seen most of the episodes since they were first shown (no cunting digital/satellite) – but I did see Laura’s Leaving at a friend’s house a few weeks ago, and it was marvellous. I’ll spare you the “Brittas is underrated” rant again, though – just buy the damn thing.

Don’t forget – Series Two of Brittas is released this coming Monday (20th October). Extras are: The Brittas Management Quiz, Good Morning Interview, Weblinks, Star Profile, and a Stills Gallery. We’ll have a review of it fairly soon after release.

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