After a tip-off from Big Blake, whose computer is still fucked, we know now a few more details about the Brittas Series Three DVD release. Play’s listing now has an image of the cover, and a list of extras.

The cover looks quite nice. A shot of Chris Barrie’s comedy face, over a spiffing background shot of the leisure centre. The border is green, which I imagine will look nice against the red and blue of the previous two released. Hmm, the first three series of a TV show having red, blue and green spines… More intriguing, however, is the list of extras. There is to be a game, man! No details other than that, though. What would appear to be the best extra is the Wogan interview. No details as to who exactly was interviewed, and whether there was any behind the scenes footage, as per the sequence on the Series Two DVD.

We’ll keep them peeled for more details…

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