The people’s champion of Mastermind 2003, Steve ‘Clarky’ Clark, has posted on G&T’s excellent comments system to give us some details of his next TV appearance.

His semi-final will be shown on the 20th October, at 8pm, on BBC TWO. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to have the same specialist subject twice, so Clarky is ditching Red Dwarf in favour of The Life and Work of Tony Hancock. Hopefully, Clarky’s knowledge on Hancock is equal to his Dwarf skills, in which case he will sail through. Rumour has it that he was so dedicated to the cause, he even watched Paul Merton’s mid-nineties re-makes of early Hancock’s Half Hour episodes. Now that’s revision.

Furthermore, Clarky will soon be waxing lyrical with a penguin on his specialist subject of Appearing On Mastermind. Expect his Flibble interview to appear on the official site shortly. Although Clarky’s semi-final appearance isn’t strictly Red Dwarf-related, I urge you all to watch it, as a mark of support for the man who did us so proud in his heat. We salute you, Clarky.

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