Sigh. Our reporting on the various things to do with Cliché and Son of Cliché has been woefully confused – partly our fault, and partly the BBC’s. In order to at least sort some of it out, on Saturday I spent ages going through the contemporary Radio Times listings for the shows. Here’s what I found out about Cliché; I’ll do a story on Son of Cliché later this week, once I’ve investigated various other things.

To start with, there are six episodes of Cliché, as Zenith said in the comments – the BBC’s assertation that there was only five was false. These were broadcast on Mondays at 12:27pm (with a repeat the next day at 10:30pm), on the 16th March, 23rd March, 30th March, 6th April, 13th April, and 20th April 1981.

All of which you’d know if you read my comments in the previous news story. But having got in touch with the BBC today, we can confirm that they do just have only five tapes in the archive – we believe they are missing episode 5. Whether this is permenantly missing, or has just been temporarily mislaid, we have no idea.

Anyway, we’ll update soon with a full Cliché episode guide, which will include detailed timings of the sketches as per the Son of Cliché one, and the original Radio Times capsules. As for the missing episode – watch this space for more info on that.

And if any of that is wrong, then I’ll just give up G&T for good.

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