A photograph of the Red Dwarf Corgi model. Wah!Hooray for Cpt-D, who has noticed that the Corgi minatures are now listed on the Red Dwarf UK Shop. Red Dwarf (£4.99) and Starbug (£4.99), are avaliable, or you can buy both of them with free Lister and Rimmer figures (£9.98). They are released on the 14th November, but you can reserve them now. You can also view these products on Corgi’s site.

Ironically, the entry for the Red Dwarf model reads as follows:

“Red Dwarf is an enormous space ship mining around the moons of Saturn with a crew of 169. By the end of the first episode, 168 of them are dead. The stories then take place millions of years in the future focusing on the hilarious attempts of the one remaining, totally inept human (Lister) to yet again find earth.”

So, they are invoking memories of the first episode of Red Dwarf, when the version of the ship used is a variant of the excerable Re-mastered version – not what we originally saw when we watched the episode. We hate to bang on about this, but it really does seem a shame; forgetting about any opinions as to whether the Re-mastered ship is any good or not, it’s a great shame that there is now no merchandise featuring the original, classic, much-loved ship. Everything but everything has been taken over by the VIII/Re-mastered version. It’s a great shame. On the plus side, the Starbug looks fantastic. We’ll be carrying full reviews of the models as soon as they are released.

Interestingly, previous information about the models has referred to them as the “Movie version” – current information, either on RDSUK or the Corgi site, mentions no such thing. Obviously the movie has been delayed since the product was announced – presumably, they’ve decided that tying it in with that isn’t such a sensible idea. The version of Red Dwarf used is subtley different to the one seen on-screen – in particular, the scoop at the front is drastically shortened. At the time, we took it to be an indication of the possible shape of the movie ship – but who can tell what the plans are these days?

There’s a bit more info about these minatures lurking out there on the net, but I’ve got a night shift to do, so I’ll have to add it tomorrow morning. G&T: Professional to the Core.

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