Sigh. I’m only doing this to put off actually writing any decent articles, you know. Anyway, a couple of sitey things that most of you won’t be interested in. Firstly, I’ve finally sorted out a license for G&T. Basically, you can use nearly all our content, as long as it’s not altered, not used for commercial purposes, and you credit us. Things by people other than me or Ian on the site are exempt from this (a couple of articles, and a lot of the reviews) – you cannot copy them. If you want to use any of them, get in touch with us and we’ll pass the request on.

Secondly, I’ve now implemented Trackback for the News/Site Updates articles. See the article How Trackback Works for a basic rundown – it’s just a way of communicating between blogs. It’s confusing when you first read about it, but you’ll get the idea once we have some referrals. If we get any. Ahem.

And if you’re wondering what I’m doing up at this time of night again, it’s because I start a night shift job at makro tonight (10pm – 6:30am), and I wanted to get into the right sleep pattern. I’m off to bed at 9am. Oh, you weren’t wondering, and you don’t care about my personal life? Ah. OK. Erm, “smeg”.

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