Yes folks, the fan club magazine Better Than Life has been delivered on schedule, for the first time for about a year! It features a striking colour cover, with Ace’s ship from Dimension Jump. This illustrates the main feature – an interview with The Prop Store‘s Stephen Lane. There are lots of lovely reviews, including ones of The Brittas Empire and Crime Traveller on DVD. There’s also the results of the recent fan club poll. Only one person said they wouldn’t go to another Dimension Jump. I want a word with you, Drzymala…

Remarkably, even at this late stage, the fan club have scored a few exclusive deleted scene nuggets! The official site has a list of deleted scenes, but BTL goes further, giving away the key bits of some of the scenes! Rimmer actually speaks backwards to his audience, and does it again in the dressing room scene. Not sure how this works, but I’ll find out in two days anyway. Haha! There’s a section of dialogue between the guilt-free Kryten and the vanity-free Cat about which one of them is an arsehole. In Bodyswap, Rimmer further abuses Lister’s body by quoffing eggnog. And finally, one of the games Cat suggests in Timeslides is “Galactic Warriors – you can be Captain Laser”.

Wow, frankly. BTL is fantastic, but the mag needs you, man. If you’re not already a member, sign up now, you bugger. And if you are a member, get scribbling. The Post Pod was very short this time round, and everyone apart from Liz Dean, Kylie, Samantha Cox, Ric Parkinson and Donella Fox should feel guilty. TV’s famous The Internet hasn’t helped matters, but BTL is an institution, and we should all help out. I’ve told the fan club’s Debs that they can print anything they like from this site. They didn’t take us up this time round, but we filled two and half pages of BTL#44!

Once more, I beg you, get writing!

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