One month prior to the release of Series III on DVD, we recieve news of another excellent Collector’s Booklet to accompany the release. The booklet will follow the same format as before – extras round-up, production overview, episode facts, Watch Out For… and Classic Dwarf, followed by chapter points on the back.

Although the pictures accompanying the news story are too small to read the text, they look absolutely lovely. The photographs look great – from what we can tell, the edges have been trimmed perfectly. It’s also nice to see that the extras and chapters pages look much more full this time round, which is indicative of the vastly improved quality of the DVDs. And excellently, the booklet will be composed of trivia nuggets that aren’t repeated in the All Change documentary, which means the probability of us hardcore fans learning loads of things that we didn’t already know is greatly increased.

Also on the official site this week, news that the excellent Mike Tucker is to appear at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television in Bradford. It’s all to do with Co-operative Young Film-Makers 2003, a lovely event with more than 30 features on offer. Tickets are free, but you are advised to book in advance. See the website for details, as I’m not one to simply copy and paste other news stories.

And finally, The Three Bears, who provided claymation for Tongue Tied in their pre-pubescant days, are currently working on a project called The Godson, for which Robert Llewellyn does the voice of a character called Don Ravioli. That’s sure to be good.

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