Ah, Memorabilia. A chance to stand in a huge hall with a collection of fellow sad tossers, spending all your money on SF-related tat and being charged a fortune for an autograph. The latest fair is to be held at the NEC Birmingham (which is actually in Solihull) on the 29th and 30th of November. And, as the official site reports, Craig Charles and Robert Llewellyn will be there. I can exclusively reveal that Ian Symes will also be there, pestering Robert Llewellyn about G&T. Again. There is to be an intriguing piece of merchandise available – the chance to get your face etched into crystal. Good old vanity. Our report from this May’s Memorabilia can be found here. Look – pictures! That’s a Cat thing.

In other crystal-related news, Big Blake, the king of annoying HTML coding, has reported that the Stamp Centre‘s laser-etched Starbugs will be delayed until December, at the earliest. FUCK. These Starbugs are a thing of beauty, and I FUCKING WANT ONE. Ahem. There is no news, however, on the Corgi models, which, if you recall, are based on a huge pencil. Hopefully, any delay on the models are caused by Red Dwarf Films realising that the design they had in mind for Red Dwarf in The Movie is a bag of wank.

And finally, our good pal Steve ‘Clarky’ Clark has had the Flibble treatment. My first reaction to his interview was: “Fuck me! His cat is hideously overweight!” Don’t forget to watch Steve’s Mastermind semi-final on 20th October. Details can be found in this news story, the title of which is my proudest achievement.

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