Hello! The big update on the official site this week is an interview with Ross McGinley, Senior Producer of BBC Worldwide’s video and DVD output. This is a very exciting interview (not as excited as our one, which will be uploaded later…), thanks in part to the excellent screengrabs from the All Change documentary! All I can say is that Tony Hawks better duck… Ross reveals that among his favourite extras are the musical featurettes. Each to their own, I suppose. He also expands on the idea of branching deleted scenes back into the episodes. We plead with the powers that be to make this optional, with the broadcast versions of the episodes being present. It is a good idea, but as a purist, if it’s a case of one or the other, I’d pick the original versions.

Also this week, details on BTL #45, which will include an interview with the folks at The Prop Store, DJ details and results from the recent poll. I’ll do a full round-up of the mag as soon as I get my pissing copy. Finally, a bit of schedule news. The most important detail for British fans is that BBC TWO will recommence their Series III repeats with Polymorph on this Sunday at 11pm. Hurrah!

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