And the main news: I am dead due to overwork from my night-shift yesterday. What? Well, I think it’s news. Fuck off.

OK then – just a small reminder (triggered by an article on Big Blake) to buy the Daily Mirror on Saturday (1st November) to get a voucher for a free Series III Promo DVD – which you can exchange at Woolies. Don’t forget, though: you’ve only got until Monday to redeem the voucher, or it’s “Dying time!” Erm, I mean you won’t get your free DVD.

Despite the 1st November being technically before the release date (unlike the previous two promotional DVDs), a lot of Play customers hope to get theirs this Friday. We can only hope. (I personally don’t have a sodding DVD player at the moment – the computer is broken. Wah!) As previously reported, the DVD contains the excellent episode The Last Day, and 2 minutes 25 seconds of extras. What this is has yet to be revealed, but the last Mirror promotion of Series II just had the deleted scenes from the relevant episode Kryten – it’s possible that the same is the case here.

Incidentally, we e-mailed The Mirror twice about this ages ago to find the date of the promotion, but they never replied. Obviously they don’t want to sell their paper. Fuckers.

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