Sorry this newsround is late; I’ve been up all night shagging. And Ian’s too sore to write it now. So, most of you will probably have read the official site’s updates by now, but they’re bloody good, so we’ll go through it anyway.

Firstly, – and I can’t tell you how excited I am over this – a DVD Details article on the Series III deleted scenes! I was terrified we wouldn’t get one this time, and we’d have to wait untl November 3rd. Even better, it looks like these are even more interesting than the ones for the first two series. 26 in all, dammit – the most interesting being ones that were cut for effects reasons, and (fascinatingly) eight Holly jokes, six of which would have been used for episode intros as per Series I and II (the rest of the intro was never recorded). And there’s plenty of other amazing stuff too – just read the article. Some footage has sadly been lost (the famous first Kryten scene where Robert keeps getting electocuted) – but so much great stuff has been recovered that you can’t feel too upset. We’re lucky that most of the footage survives. Did I mention I’m quite looking forward to November 3rd? (It’s also revealed that Australian viewers will have to wait until November 12th.)

As if that wasn’t enough, the other two updates are great as well. Three Dimensional takes a timely look at the changes Series III brought to the show. It’s a bloody good piece, with some great points made (particuarly about Kryten’s introduction). And there’s also a short reminder that Series 2 of Brittas is released this Monday, which reveals that the This Morning “interview” on the packaging acually includes some behind-the-scenes footage from the show. Brilliant.

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