A photograph of the amazing Floajet. Poor Old Cat.Fancy recreating Future Echoes in the comfort of your own living room? Then why not buy Floajet, the “Amazing Motorless Robotic Fish”. (Credit goes to Zebrowski who posted this to ATVRD.) Instead of a motor, the fish has an “artificial muscle”, originally developed for humans. Hooray for the Japanese!

As for how it works: “There are three steps that make the artificial muscle of the tailfins moving. First, a coil of the plastic fish gets the magnetic force from the fish tank and generates electric powers. Secondly, a microcomputer of the robot fish transforms the generated electric powers to electric stimuli for the “artificial muscle.” At this step, the microcomputer plays the role of a brain of a creature. Finally, the “artificial muscle” gets the stimuli and moves by its ion powers.” You took the words right out of my mouth.

Amusingly, you’re warned not to put any real fish in the tank:”If you love your pets, please do not put any kinds of living things in the fish tank; otherwise, they would go to have a one-way trip to the heaven.”

Let’s do it.

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