Phew. After a drought of news, there’s loads today. Just a couple more little snippets:

The excellent Austin Ross has told us about this fantastic Visual Effect Department Gallery from Mike Tucker, who worked on Red Dwarf. Some beautiful pictures there, including one of a head mould for Kryten’s mask, and another of Starbug looking slightly worse for wear. There is also stuff from Hitchhikers, Robot Wars, and, of course Doctor Who – and all the piccies are avaliable in bigger sizes for desktop backgrounds too. Fantastic. Don’t forget that Mike Tucker is speaking at the NMFPT on October 11th; if any of you lot decide to go, we’d appreciate a quick write-up. I’d go myself, but I can’t even afford a Cadbury’s Flake at the moment.

Also, Groovetown has an excellent story about Clare Grogan’s new film – called The Penalty King. It’s described as “an independent film about a football fan who loses his sight, but is persuaded to continue playing and goes on to score the winning penalty in a cup final shoot-out”. That’s sure to be good.

Don’t forget the official site updates… well, later today, technically. Ian’ll have his newsround about 6pm.

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