On the 2nd August we lost our friend Seb Patrick. Please allow us a period of radio silence as we come to terms with what's happened. Goodbye, Seb, we'll miss you.

We're raising funds in his memory to help his family in any way we can. If you're able to spare anything, it would be greatly appreciated.

Phew. After a drought of news, there’s loads today. Just a couple more little snippets:

The excellent Austin Ross has told us about this fantastic Visual Effect Department Gallery from Mike Tucker, who worked on Red Dwarf. Some beautiful pictures there, including one of a head mould for Kryten’s mask, and another of Starbug looking slightly worse for wear. There is also stuff from Hitchhikers, Robot Wars, and, of course Doctor Who – and all the piccies are avaliable in bigger sizes for desktop backgrounds too. Fantastic. Don’t forget that Mike Tucker is speaking at the NMFPT on October 11th; if any of you lot decide to go, we’d appreciate a quick write-up. I’d go myself, but I can’t even afford a Cadbury’s Flake at the moment.

Also, Groovetown has an excellent story about Clare Grogan’s new film – called The Penalty King. It’s described as “an independent film about a football fan who loses his sight, but is persuaded to continue playing and goes on to score the winning penalty in a cup final shoot-out”. That’s sure to be good.

Don’t forget the official site updates… well, later today, technically. Ian’ll have his newsround about 6pm.

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