Right. Remember our article on the BBC 7 scheduling of Cliché and Son of Cliché – where we mentioned that tapes had been lost in the archive? Time to do a big retraction; we got an e-mail from the BBC today explaining the situation. Part of this is our fault; and part of it isn’t.

First of all, there were apparently only five episodes of Cliché produced, rather than six. We know from Andrew Pixley’s article about Series 1 of Red Dwarf in TV Zone #158 that the series was originally transmitted between 16th March – 20th April 1981. This gives space for 6 episodes (which is what we had assumed); but presumably an episode wasn’t transmitted one week. I’ll do some research in some old Radio Times issues in a few weeks; until then, I suspect we should trust what the BBC have to say rather than our rather dodgy suppositions. Ahem. Sorry about that.

As regarding Son of Cliché, however, it’s not us that is at fault. We were told before simply that the archive was not complete regarding old shows. We now suspect that this was simply a stock answer, as we are now told that “Only 4 episodes of the available Son of Clich

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