Like ‘tuck shop’. Do you see?

Anyway, Total Red Dwarf has been updated, for the first time in a fair while, with some marvellous news. Following his appearance at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television in Bradford, Mike Tucker, a member of the excellent visual effects team, revealed that he will be a guest at Dimension Jump XI, to be held at the Bedford Moat Hotel in June next year. This is good news; Mike was excellent at DJX, despite being given the not-very-illustruous spot of first thing on Sunday morning.

Not only that, Paul and Vicky also report that Mike will be “trying to get some of his colleagues (camera guys etc.) to come with him”. This is also excellent – the more the merrier. Just think of the possibilities – Rocket, Alan Marshall (the man who built Starbug), maybe even Peter Wragg…

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