Hello! Our top story tonight concerns the DVD of The Brittas Empire Series Three. The one bit of bad news is that the release date has slipped, from Boxing Day this year to January 19th 2004. Oh well. It’ll give people a chance to regenerate some of the money they spent at Christmas. The menus are in the style of a promotional video for the centre, which sounds deliciously unconventional. However, the menu system from Series Two (a tour of the centre) won’t go to waste; it’s being used as the basis for the Where’s Ben? game. This looks weird, frankly, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. The main extra, of course, is an eight-minute interview between Chris Barrie and Terry Wogan, which is very exciting.

As you’re probably all aware, two repeats of Red Dwarf were cancelled last Sunday: Timeslides on BBC TWO and Out Of Time on UK Gold. Naturally, we e-mailed the channels involved straight away. Yesterday, a nice lady from BBC Information left a message on my answerphone, explaining that “scenes in the show were deemed unsuitable for Remembrance Sunday”. Ignore the BBC, they’re complete and total nutters, and they’ve only got one testicle. Erm, between them. UK Gold were less helpful, simply stating the non-sequitor “editorial reasons”. Mind you, providing you don’t talk about scheduling, they’re an absolute hoot.

The last week has been quite shit for Ganymede & Titan, hasn’t it? We haven’t been sat on our arses all the time, though. We’ve (well, John has) updated the Diary and DVD and Movie FAQ. Neither of them deserved Site Updates articles to themselves, really. However, there will be something very good appearing here in the next few days, with a bit of luck. Remember this? Well, there’s more where that came from…

Incidentally, be sure to keep an eye on Matt Drizzly Miller’s Deerstalker Watch. It is a legitimate investigation, and not just a string on in-jokes at all. And what did you get on the Series III Quiz? I got an embarrassingly low 17 out of 20. Wah!

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