No updates for a whole two days! We suck, evidently. Round-up ahoy:

Well Krytie, today is the day. The Series III DVD goes on sale in Australia. Perhaps everyone reading this who is interested will know anyway – but it felt very odd not to have a news item on the 3rd November to announce the official Region 2 launch, so we’d better mention this one. As for the Region 1 release, we still only know it’s “February”, along with Series IV.

As has been widely discussed on various forums, on Sunday two Dwarf eps were pulled from the schedules – Timeslides on BBC TWO, and Out Of Time on UK Gold. There have been many theories as to why; the most likely seems to be Cpt-D’s thought about it being Rememberance Sunday. Out Of Time contains much dialogue that UKTV presumably thought had the potential to be offensive (“You’re good friends with the Hitlers?”), and none other than Adolf himself is Special Guest Star in Timeslides. Assuming this is true (and we have e-mailed the BBC and UK Gold to ask about this – we’ll let you know if we get a reply), we’ll leave the discussion about whether it was justified or not to you lot. What is irritating is that we were never told why the change happened; which seems only courteous, really. It’s not even like there isn’t an ostensible reason, and they have to do an ITV-primetime and say “We’re trying to get more ratings by PISSING YOU ABOUT”. Of course, we could equally ask the question as to why the episodes were ever scheduled in the first place…

Some bad-but-good news (alerted to us by about Memorabilia at the NEC (29th-30th November) – Robert Llewellyn has had to pull out, for unstated reasons. But checking the Memorabilia site, it seems that Chloë Annett is now going, albeit for the Saturday only! Along with Craig Charles, Norman Lovett, and Clare Grogan (Saturday only for her too), there’s no excuse for you not going. Unless you haven’t got the money. Or don’t want to.

Finally, some links. Cappsy of The White Hole has uploaded a Series III DVD Review and an article on the DVD Easter Eggs. There’s also this review of Incompetence (due to be published 31st December) on The Eternal Night. And if you didn’t see it back in March, read this review by none other than Rob Grant himself, on Tom Holt’s The Portable Door.

That’s all for now; don’t forget to contact us if you have any news. I’ve got an awful feeling we’re about to go through a quiet patch…

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