Movie Logo. Nicked from the official site. Ho!The headline of this news story from ic Liverpool says it all: Launch delays for Red Dwarf. Craig Charles has given them an interview, with precisely no new information whatsoever – although it’s always nice to read what the cast has to say, anyway. For example: “I’m sure Red Dwarf will come off – it has to and soon I hope, we are all getting older.” Keep thinking that thought, everybody. The official word from GNP is still a May 2004 shooting date…

He also mentions that he has a chat show coming for ITV next March (go on, call it Funky Bunker II), and talks about his Doctors role. The Doctors role that started on the 14th. That Big Blake has excellently reported on. The role that we at G&T have not-so-excellently failed to report on. Bah. It looks like he should still be on tomorrow if you’ve missed him, though – so have a look.

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