The Red Dwarf Zone strikes again. After quite a while with no updates, they’re back with a bang with this news of a new image of the Region 2 IV DVD cover. Nice one Bob. And Madge.

It’s difficult to tell whether this is the final version of the cover, or just another draft – but either way, with all the logos present and correct, it looks very authentic. One interesting point is that the logo is silver, and not red and black like in the previously released image. Again, we can’t say for definite, but if they have gone for silver foil, it fits in with the design of the previous DVDs. It’s a pity if the black with red foil idea has been abandoned, but the silver still seems to work.

The pictures of Ace Rimmer and space mumps Lister also seems to have disappeared; perhaps they thought that the cover was too busy with it included? I certainly prefer it without the piccies, as I was worried about the cover looking too complicated. The tagline “The Entire Fourth Series” as shown on the previous draft has changed to “The Original Fourth Series” – which also fits in with previous releases, but no longer makes the distinction between eps that were Re-mastered or not. I prefer “Entire” myself, but there you go. Holly has also been added to the spine, like the Series III release.

I must say, much as I didn’t like it before, the cover is growing on me. IF ONLY I HAD THE TIME DRIVE SO I COULD GO TO THE 16TH FEBRUARY 2004.

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