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More Prop Store stuff:

The simulant's knife from Justice. 'Bloody' great! Sigh.

Item Series/Episode Price
SFX Simulant Knife Justice £229
Kryten Robe Demons & Angels £935
Waxworld Brochure Meltdown £145
Rimmer Pyjamas Bodyswap £545
Collection of Prop Toiletries Series VIII £19
Cat Faux Fur Jacket Polymorph £695
Justice Boots Justice £1485
Lister Stunt Baseball Bat Polymorph £229
Model Minature Cargo Container Series VIII £249
Lister Envelope Krytie TV £75
Rimmer Reverse Brothers Costume Backwards £1169


That is all.

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  1. Is it just me or is this article all fucked up

  2. Is it just me or is this article all fucked up

    *You’re* all fucked up! :P

    Also: yes, it is fucked up. (At the time of writing,anyway.)

  3. G&T Admin

    Now slightly less fucked up.

  4. Now slightly less fucked up.


  5. I’m getting deja vu, isn’t there another propstore article that got fucked up?

    Propstore sabotage?

  6. “Collection of Prop Toiletries – £19” is funnier than the whole of Series VIII.

  7. G&T Admin

    To be honest, the conversion of our older stuff – going from Movable Type > Drupal > WordPress – wasn’t always that brilliantly done. At some point I might go through and tidy everything up properly.

  8. In the back of my mind I still think of the internet as a new thing. Somehow I find the fact that there are articles here that are nearly 16 years old, rather disconcerting.

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