On the 2nd August we lost our friend Seb Patrick. Please allow us a period of radio silence as we come to terms with what's happened. Goodbye, Seb, we'll miss you.

We're raising funds in his memory to help his family in any way we can. If you're able to spare anything, it would be greatly appreciated.

I would quite like to own this item, you know.Yet more Prop Store madness. Some fantastic items have been added in the last couple of weeks. Namely:

Item Series/Episode Price
Kryten Canary Prisoner Waistcoat Series VIII £625
Prop Antiques Magazine Stasis Leak £155
Off World Travel Ticket Unknown £19
Futuristic Radiation Sign Series VIII £75
Rimmer Pink Cavalier Costume Terrorform £1,015
‘Meddling With Megabytes’ Prop Book Series VIII £95
Cat Checked Suit The Last Day £779
Rimmer Trick Coin Only The Good… £175
Rimmer Lilac Cavalier Costume Terrorform £1,015
Lister Dressing Gown Polymorph £695
Cat’s Nap Cushion Me² £229
Ships Issue Peach Slices Tin Bodyswap £75
Kryten Robe Demons and Angels £935
Rimmer Pyjamas Bodyswap £545
Cat Faux Fur Jacket Polymroph £695

The highlights here are the Terrorform costumes, which are absolutely fantastic. The peach tin is a bit of a bargain, as it is apparantly rusty. No idea where the travel tickets come from, but judging by the design it’s early on in the series. And the antiques magazine is excellent.

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