Right – a few little stories that probably deserve their own articles, but I just can’t be arsed. Isn’t it nice to know that so much love goes into this site?

Firstly, the Daily Mirror III promotional DVD. Big Blake claims the voucher can be redeemed until Monday 4th November – wheras the voucher itself states “Redeemable on Saturday November 1st, 2003 ONLY”. I’ll have a go on Monday with my voucher, but it looks like we’ve missed out – sorry to anyone if they’ve tried as well and they refuse to accept it. I don’t think that’s going to be a major problem, though – because despite 125,000 copies being produced, there are reports that Woolworths have been running out Saturday anyway. As soon as we get hold of a copy, we’ll do a report on it – Big Blake reveals that as well as The Last Day, the extras are a couple of Smeg Ups from the ep, and the two deleted Silicon Heaven sections. See the full report on his site for details. And I’m afraid I have to whinge about this: the Mirror claims that Red Dwarf is a “90s space comedy”, despite it starting in 1988 and giving away an episode from 1989. Damn fools.

An interesting story from the Daily Record – the first pagan wedding in Scotland for 100 years has been performed by a couple of Red Dwarf fans, Jessica and John Turner. I’d love to be able to insert a quote from the wedding scene in Emohawk here, but the line I want is in Kinitawowi, and I can’t remember it – and I don’t trust the transcripts on the net. So just watch the episode and do it yourself.

Finally – don’t forget Ian’s review of the Series III DVD, coming later today. He’s just e-mailed me informing me that “Doing my review now. It’s a biggie.” Excellent. And if you’re too cheap to buy the DVD yourself (you IDIOT), why not enter this competition?

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