A photograph of Tony Slattery. It's classy because it's in black and white, see?We tend not to report much on guest star news; we prefer to leave that to other sites. But we like Tony Slattery, so here’s a reminder that he appears on Casualty tonight, playing Michael Chambers, who (to quote the Radio Times) “plays a man admitted after his partner, who can no longer cope with his deteriorating health, tries to suffocate him”. Lovely. Sorry for only giving 12 hours or so notice for this – but surely you check G&T every single hour of your life? So it’s plenty of time, really.

Tony has had two roles in Red Dwarf, of course. The first was the Android Actor in Kryten. Or, indeed, the Andriod Actor, according to the Re-mastered version. Tsk. At least, it’s misspelt on the videos – does anyone know if it was corrected for the BBC TWO broadcast, or for overseas sales? The second role was the Dispensing Machine in Only The Good… – which he played absolutely marvellously. “Alert, alert! Chocolate abduction on floor three-four-one…” One of the best moments of VIII; and one of my favourite guest star appearances.

I’d best stop before this turns into a complete review of VIII. Sigh.

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