The famous actor and presenter Craig Charles has given a jolly nice interview to Newcastle’s The Journal. The interview, published nearly a month ago, but managed to pass us by, is mainly about Robot Wars, but there are one or two other interesting snippets. Like this, on the subject of The Movie:

“I should be in Australia right now filming the movie but it has fallen through. Everybody says it is going to happen next year but I’ll only believe it when I’m at the premiere.”

Wah, frankly. It’s not a good sign when the star is as cynical as the majority of the fanbase. Amusingly, the article states that “Craig visits conventions in America, Australia and Canada.” Not in the UK, obviously. They don’t pay him enough.

There is also news on Craig’s latest project, Scary Fairy: “a no-holds barred version of classic children’s nursery rhymes which will contain a lot of blood and gore”. Not terribly original, but never mind. There will be 15 poems in the collection, and there will be a cartoon series based on them. That’s something to look forward to. Can’t believe it took us a pissing month to find it.

Oh, one more thing. The article refers to Red Dwarf as a “spoof sci-fi comedy”. A spoof? Hadaway and bollocks, man.

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