After the release of the Series III DVD, it’s all gone quiet news-wise. So to keep you going (along with reading our continuing series of III DVD articles, more of which soon) here’s a nice little addition, inspired by this thread on Yes, a text adventure game, or Interactive Fiction if you want to be cool, written by Joseph A. Stanko, and based on IWCD, BTL, and the TV series. It was written in 1996, which means that a lot of you may well know it, and even won it for all I know – but I haven’t, so fuck off.

You can download (ZIP format) the game, and read the README file for instructions. To play, simply unzip the file and run REDDWARF.EXE. It’s an MS-DOS game, so only PC users can play (although no doubt you can find an emulator if that’s not your platform).

Right, now, let’s have a play…

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