You may remember back in August we briefly reported on voting for Britain’s Best Sitcom– you had to select your top 10, mainly from this list (although you were allowed one choice of your own – fat lot of good that would have done you, though).

Well, thanks to Shagspeare on NOTBBC’s Comedy Forum who pointed us towards this article on Ananova (see also this item on BBCi on BBC TWO’s winter programming). Yes, the next stage has been announced – the first show in the series (which is to be hosted by Johnathan Ross – a good choice) will give a rundown of the top 50 as voted by you; and then the next 10 subsequent shows (each an hour long) will feature a celebrity advocating the cause – exactly like The Big Read. (And as an ident freak, I do hope the programme gets its own ident or two like TBR as well…) The final programme revealing the top spot will be live.

I’m reasonably confident Dwarf will make it into the top 50; it’s unlikely to make it into the top 10, but here’s hoping anyway. It’d be very nice for Brittas to make it into the top 50 as well – despite being popular at the time, it’s never really got the respect it deserves. As for the top ten itself – seeing as the shows in it will have been talked about a million times before, the entertainment purely rests on whether the person advocating them is any good or not – particuarly whether they bother to come up with anything original, or just go for the old cliches. I suspect: Armando Ianucci good, David “cunting” Dickinson bad.

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