The famed alarm clock from Thanks For The Memory. Sorry for the poor quality of the image; I reduced it in size using MS Paint rather than a proper program, as I couldn't be arsed going to my other computer with decent software, or installing something good on this. I'm really, really sorry.TOPICALITY. Prop Store stuff, anyway:

Item Series/Episode Price
Lister’s Alarm Clock Thanks For The Memory £105
Gelf Photograph Ouroboros £105
Cat Seventies Costume ‘Pete’ Part One £729
Gelf Costume Polymorph II: Emohawk £585
Captain Hollister Invitation ‘Back In The Red’ Part Two £19
Basketball Score Cards ‘Pete’ Part One £115

That alarm clock is a bargain at £105; just look at that gorgeous “Souvenir of Titan” sticker! And someone’ll snap up that invitation; a surprisingly cheap price for something that is actually part of the plot. It’s odd that the excellent Gelf costume from an excellent episode is worth less than the seventies costume (which wasn’t a particuarly good joke) from a bit of a poor episode; I suppose it’s because Danny’s sweated in it.

Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas Day, everyone. Check back here on Boxing Day evening for a decent site update, for the first time in bleedin’ ages…

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