The current BBC logo.Journalism! Having e-mailed the Good Old BBC about whether QI or The Crouches will be returning, I got the following response:

“There are currently no plans for a further series of ‘The Crouches’ or ‘QI’ however I will register your interest for the attention of the appropriate departments.”

Wah, on several counts: firstly, I have inadvertently registered my interest for a second series of the excerable Crouches; but secondly, there are no plans for a second series of the excellent QI. This doesn’t neccessarily mean that either of them won’t return, of course (anyone out there heard anything?) – but it does mean that currently nothing official has taken place yet. I suggest if you want QI to return, you get in touch with the BBC. If you’re considering getting in touch to ask for the return of The Crouches, you can just piss off. Right now. I just don’t want you reading the site.


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