The rather festively decorated TOS has come up with the speculation-ceasing goods again, this time with the confirmed Series IV DVD cover. The article makes reference to “more internet fakes than is entirely healthy”, so I guess that means the dodgy version from a few weeks back was a fakery. Darrell Jones, take note. This version is the one that our Darrell linked to here, from RDSUK. Here, though, we also get a look at the discs – cor! They’re gorgeous. Ace on Disc One, space mumps Lister on Disc Two. They look great!

The article also confirms that the notion of using a full-colour logo was abandoned, as the now traditional silver one shows up fine against the cream background. And yes, there is a new special BBC DVD logo, which goes rather nicely with the relatively new ‘Two Disc Set’ one. TOS have also kindly copied out the text from the back cover, to save us all squinting. I don’t care what anyone says – the cover looks great. John Hoare knows nothing. Finally, the article reiterates the exclusive leak from our Andrew Ellard interview – the Series V cover will be the Esperanto underwater. We hope. (Esperanto… hope… it’s a blatant joke, isn’t it? Blatant!)

Also on TOS is a full list of events and signings involving Rob Grant, who looks more and more like his former partner Doug with each folicle that leaves his scalp. Why isn’t he coming to Birmingham or Nottingham? Selfish bastard. Still, don’t forget that Incompetence is released on New Year’s Eve in all good bookshops, and most really bad book shops too. I expect you’ll all be staying in reading on that night, rather than going out on the piss like all the plebians. In the meantime, please disengage the game-playing machinery and relax, until our preview is free to answer any of your queries.

You are formally reminded that Dimension Jump XI runs from the 10th to the 12th of June 2004, in sunny Bedford. No confirmed guests yet, but don’t worry, that’s normal when the event is six months away. The only worrying thing is that the convention clashes with the planned shooting dates for The Movie, but, as the more cynical amongst us will point out, that’s bound to slip anyway, and the movie will never be filmed, and even if it is, it’ll be rubbish and it’s going to fail, and it’s all Doug Naylor’s fault. (SATIRE) If you go to DJ, you’ll get to meet John Hoare and Ian Symes, and they may well have a surprise for you…

And finally, a round-up of DVD reviews, from respected and treasured organs of the press. And SFX. Ho! Plus, hurrah! for G&T’s own Cpt-D, for getting his WebBoard post included. Oh, and some fansite or other is mentioned at the bottom. I’m not familiar with them myself, but they look fantastic. I would visit it, but there’s no link on TOS. Ho hum.

The next TOS update will be on 2nd January in space year 2004. What will I do with myself next Friday? Fancy having Boxing Day off work! Selfish bastards.

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