The Incompetence cover. Elegant simplicity, or just shit?Well Krytie: today is the day. The day we get sick of using that quote? No, the day Incompetence is released today in the UK in hardback. (The paperback is due out on the 14th October; just buy the damn book now.) And for everyone moaning on about how Rob Grant is now RUBBISH, don’t forget that Ian likes it. From what I’ve briefly read of it, it seems rather good, too. This month’s SFX (#113) only gives it 3/5 stars, but deems it “definitely innovative and interesting enough to be worth a try”. But then, they also gave VIII five stars, and II four stars, so what do they know?

Don’t forget Rob’s little tour, as well; we hope to have a report on at least one of the events. Meanwhile, our competition winner will be announced on the 2nd January – today is your last chance to win yourself a signed copy of the book…

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