Incompetence cover. Not much more to say, really.It’s odd; what with both us and BITR having posted reviews/previews of Rob Grant’s upcoming book Incompetence, it feels like the damn thing has actually been released. Not yet: it’s out in hardback on the 31st of this month, and in paperback on the 14th October 2004.

Reviews are starting to trickle through, though – here’s one from SF Crowsnest. To be honest, the review makes it sound hideous – but Ian loves it, and as we’re both the same person, I’m sure I’ll love it too. So in a quest for something to moan about, I’ll complain that that their site design is awful – why the twatting fuck does the review itself take up such a small fixed-width space? Ludicrous.

We’ll keep a look-out for book signings; hopefully he’ll do some like usual. I’ll get him to make it out to Smeghead. He’ll love the reference!!!!1.

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