Now, we wouldn’t usually do a news story on this; you all know daily repeats of Dwarf have been going on the past few days as a special Christmas treat. But there’s bugger all else happening Dwarf-news-wise over the festive period, and more importantly, the start of Red Dwarf VI gives people the change to re-evaluate the series; a series that I feel has been very unfairly criticised. The schedule is as follows:

Date Time Episode
29th December 01:10 Psirens
30th December 00:55 Legion
31st December 01:35 Gunmen of the Apocalypse
1st January 01:10 Polymorph II: Emohawk
2nd January 00:30 Rimmerworld
3rd January 23:00 Out Of Time

Pity about the changing times of it, but then that’s what happens when you tack something on at the end of the day. Note that the dates are technically wrong, but follow the standard TV listings approach of waiting until about 5:30am before calling it the next day. Now, you will watch, and you will like, dammit. Legion is a particular favourite of mine; it’s great. Sez me and Rob Grant, thank you very much. Rob and I happen to agree on this one. And Out Of Time is fab too; and not only for the fabulous ending, either. “What do you think of the picket fence?” And besides, what better way is there to see in the New Year than watching Gunmen? You got me, buddy.

Meanwhile, Red Dwarf VII is starting repeats in January; currently planned to go out every Sunday starting on the 11th. That’ll put the cat amongst the pigeons. Well, in so much that a 7 year old show that has been endlessly discussed until everyone is BORED SHITLESS OF IT can do, anyway.

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