Woo! Exactly a month ago today since the Region 2 Series III DVD release. To celebrate, Ian’s written some footnotes to our Series III DVD Review correcting things and adding additional information – and a short addition to our Future Extras article about the release. Not much of a celebration we know, but never mind – we’ll have a IV Preview for you very soon, along with a substantial new Future Extras article detailing our hopes for the last four releases. Finally for now on the DVD front, there is this review of the release at Sci-Fi-London – good review, but pity about the misquote at the end. Unlike the first two releases, there seems to be a dearth of (independent) reviews on the net – let us know if you spot any.

A few other bits and pieces whilst I’m here. Stuck on the Red Dwarf adventure game we uploaded last month? Here is a badly-written solution to it. It’s a walk-through with no descriptions, just a list of commands you need – if you don’t want things ruined, I suggest you wait until I’ve written up a nice hints page. The game will eventually form part of a new Games section of G&T – as neither of us has a FUCKING DECENT PHONE, does anyone fancy reviewing Simulants’ Revenge? We also note that the Online Arcade hasn’t launched yet – we’re still looking forward to it…

Finally, this week Project Wildfire will be launched – the promised revamp of the site that we’ve been meaning to do for ages, a section at a time. Once done, the second stage will get underway – another complete revamp of the look of the site to, you know, actually make it look nice and be vaguely accessible. So if you’ve got any suggestions, now it the time to make them.

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