Yes, yes, this little piece is several days late. I’M BUSY.

Anyway, this post on contains quite an amusing little snippet about US show Gilmore Girls. Chris Eigeman, who played a certain Arnold Rimmer in the first Dwarf USA pilot (which we really must get round to reviewing at some point…) has been playing Jason Stiles in the show since late last year, and to quote a piece of dialogue from a show broadcast recently (nicked from Hol’s Post Pod):

Lorelai: So you’re really real?
Jason: I’m not a hologram.

Excellent, frankly. Anyone see the episode in the States? (It’s shown on Nick UK over in Britain, but I have no idea when they’ll play this ep; or indeed, which ep is actually was, beyond it being one since episode 68, when Chris joined the show. But then, that’s not actually too many episodes.) And more importantly, has anyone spotted a Dwarf in-joke more obscure than this?

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