Hmmm – interesting. It’s been mentioned in a few places now about Rob Grant’s latest project – an animated series entitled Cruel Aliens. Well, this little report from The Alien Online on an Incompetence event at Edinburgh’s Waterstones, reveals a new snippet that I don’t think has been mentioned before; no doubt you’ll all correct me if I’m wrong:

“On fine form Rob entertained us with a mixture of humorous and noirish detective tales (humorous noir – a new genre?) and tantalised us all by mentioning that his next project was a collaboration with the wonderful British animators Aardman, home to Wallace and Gromit amongst other award winning characters. He was unable to tell us more than the title as it is all still at a very early stage of development. Provisionally entitled Cruel Aliens it features aliens who are, well, cruel. So now you lot are tantalised and teased too (why should it only be me, eh?)”

As The Alien Online themselves say: “Aardman and Rob Grant? Woohoo!”

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