I expect you’re sick of this by now. Well, tough. Fucking read it.

Item Series/Episode Price
Cat’s Fur Jacket Costume Backwards £895
Cat’s Tartan Suit Out Of Time £695
In-flight magazine Dimension Jump £195
Talkie Sewing Machine Unknown £675
Rimmer Series 8 Uniform Series VIII £695
Leopard Lager Beer Can Series IV £75
Lister Note Krytie TV £95
Captain Hollister Uniform Series VIII £275

A couple of points: apparently, the Prop Store don’t know how to use apostrophes correctly, which we’ve corrected – and secondly, the Leopard Lager can they say is from Series VIII (as seen when Bob passes a 6-pack down to Lister in ‘Pete’ Part One) isn’t – that version has a JMC logo in yellow and black at the top. The version pictured is from Series IV, as seen at the end of D.N.A. – either the picture is wrong, or the description. It might seem a small point, but if I was as careless as they are in typing up the descriptions, I’d have ended up ordering 1000 CANS OF SMEG for makro Nottingham by now.

Enough moaning. The in-flight magazine is a bargin at £195; and the Talkie Sewing Machine is a fascinating item – does anyone recognise it? The Lister note is also great; and it’s lovely of The Prop Store to actually give us great photos of all this stuff. Before it disappears forever. Sniff.

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