Filthy, Rich and Catflap DVD cover.(Late) news nicked from a combination of Roobarb’s DVD Forum and NOTBBC’s Comedy Forum, here. Filthy, Rich and Catflap is getting a Region 2 DVD release on the 8th March from Playback. No word about extras as yet; we’d guess it’s extremely unlikely to have any, but you never know.

If you’re wondering why we’re covering this, perhaps this crew list might help: Peter Wragg (Visual Effects Designer), Dona DiStefano (Assistant Floor Manager), Howard Burden (Costume Assistant), John Pomphrey (Technical Co-Ordinator), Ed Wooden (Videotape Editor), Tony Worthington (Sound Supervisor), Ed Bye (Film Director), Mel Bibby (Design)… and of course it was produced and directed by Paul Jackson. Not to mention Chris Barrie’s fabulous performance in the second episode (Game Show) as the director of Oo-er, Sounds A Bit Rude – which is one of the funniest scenes in the entire series. “Close up on the pleb… I said close up on the pleb, not right up her nose, for God’s sake! Ex-camera five, good luck at the job centre, my darling.”

Oh, and from a wider perspective, it’s one of the best sitcoms ever made, of course. And if you don’t think that, you’re a FUCKING CUNT.

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