Launch logoThe Official Webboard. BTLi. Groovetown’s Forums. The White Hole Forums. Hell, even our comments system. And that’s just the well-known, and specifically Dwarf forums. There’s plenty of places to discuss Dwarf stuff around the net – surely yet another place would be pointless?

Perhaps. But then, none of the above places are really linked to G&T – and we’ve noticed that, with the total comments since the September relaunch passing 1900, people have wanted to talk about loads of things that aren’t strictly on-topic. Which is fine; god knows forums run by HITLER are annoying – but it indicates that there might some interest in G&T’s own forums, for Dwarf talk, site comments, and various other bits and pieces. And, of course, you could SWEAR LOTS on them and be generally filthy. And perhaps some special sections for Brittas, etc could be set up too.

So, how about it? Would you use it? The last thing we want to do is to contribute yet another dead forum to the net; on the other hand, if there is some interest in it, we’ll give it a go. Tell us what you think; even if it’s just that it’s a really, really bad idea and we should go and write some decent articles like we used to instead…

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