Yes, yes, I know this should have been posted on the 1st. But I was at a REALLY COOL PARTY. Although perhaps shouting “lesbian” at the top of my voice and silencing the room wasn’t such a good idea.

Anyway, Happy New 2004 to you all; I hope the next year passes as swiftly and as pleasantly as the 100 Years War. Here’s what you can look forward to in Dwarf-land this year (what we know of, at least):

Date Event
19th January The Brittas Empire Series 3 released in Region 2. Extras are: a Chris Barrie Wogan interview (hooray!), a Where’s Ben game (I’ll reserve judgement on this until I see it), and yer photo gallery, subtitles, and weblinks. It’s a great shame that there aren’t more extras; even just a commentary with Chris Barrie and the director Mike Stephens would have been nice. Maybe the budget just isn’t there.
3rd February Red Dwarf Series III/IV released in Region 1. Getting IV before the UK? SELFISH BASTARDS. An IV Preview is imminent, honest. Hopefully the III coverage we’ve been doing has whetted your American palates.
16th February Red Dwarf Series IV released in Region 2. After the longest 13 days in the history of the universe for R2 people. Cuh! (The Region 4 release shouldn’t be long after this.)
April/May Corgi Models Released? Probably not. Still.

May Movie starts shooting in Australia. No, really. Actually, whether the May date slips or not (we suspect it probably will, but have no actual evidence for this), we do predict that the Movie will start shooting this year. Please?
Starbug Playset Released. The best piece of Red Dwarf merchandise evur? Possibly. This looks gorgeous, although bear in mind that it has been delayed from October 2003 (which some naughty suppliers still state); so there might be further delays for all we know. Meanwhile, why not laugh at this listing (unrelated to Product Enterprise, we might add), with the dual mis-spelling “Kat and Kryton”? God forbid people should know anything about the products they sell.
11th – 13th June Dimension Jump XI. At the Bedford Moat House Hotel, in, erm, Bedford. Your chance to meet both me and Ian. YOU CAN KISS US IF YOU WANT.
November Red Dwarf Series V released in Region 2. Can anyone bloody wait for the extras for this release? Hopefully all the dodgy material shot by Juliet May for Demons & Angels will end up on the deleted scenes…

We’d also bet on more Brittas being released, too; and surely there’s plenty more stuff various people have up their sleeves. [ 8< Predictable Demons & Angels quote. ] We also have a few special things planned this year; by the law of averages at least one of them should come off. One thing that I can promise is registration for comments; that should be added to Movable Type pretty soon. I’m also far less busy now (working five days a week, rather than CUNTING SEVEN), so I’ll have a bit more time to work on the site, too. Who else hates the look of the front page? It’s rubbish.

Obviously, our main hope for 2004 is that The Movie finally gets underway; no doubt this is top of GNP’s list too. Our second wish was going to be that perhaps some other fansites start up (an American-based one would be particuarly good – no matter how hard we try, G&T is always likely to be slightly UK-centric). But on the other hand, there are so many shows that never get the recognition they deserve on the net, and don’t have any decent site about them at all. If you’re not keen on doing a Dwarf site, and you don’t already run a website, why not start something up?

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