Cino development screenshot. Gorgeous.This won’t interest most of you, but what the hell? I’ve just discovered that the programmer of Cino, the DVD player currently in development for the IYONIX, is using a copy of the III DVD for, erm, “testing” purposes. Well, I had to get a nice screenshot of this; select the thumbnail to your right for a full-size version. Unless you’re BLIND, in which case there’s no point. For more details of the software, see this article and this other article on the best RISC OS news site, Drobe.

Right at this point, unless you’re a RISC OS idiot like me, you’ll be wondering what the IYONIX is. Rather than badly expound the wonders of the machine, all I’ll do is point you towards some links, and say is that it’s bloody gorgeous (with a GUI which you’re actually working with, rather than against), and when I can afford one (which will hopefully be later this month), it’ll be the only machine I use to develop this website.

This article: a nice little Dwarf snippet, a blatant advert for the wonders of RISC OS, or a waste of everyone’s time? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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