And now, it’s competition time. Tum-tum-tum-tum-tum-tum-tuuuuuuuum! Heh, yes indeed, Mr and Mrs reader, you could win a [huh] night on the town with Spare Head Three [waugh], or a copy of the Red Dwarf IV DVD (your choice of region) – the choice isn’t yours. [Oookh, it’s horrible in that bag, it smells of SMEG.] The questions are as follows; I suspect you can all guess which series they are about…

  1. Listing each episode in turn, what was the order of episodes for the 94 repeat run?
  2. In The Official Red Dwarf Companion, which episode is the model shot wrongly attributed to Back To Reality actually from?
  3. What is “K177”?
  4. To what logic puzzle is Barbara Bellini and her pod a reference to?
  5. Which name is misspelled in the end credits in Red Dwarf IV?
  6. The opening credits to Red Dwarf IV contain several shots from Series III. Which clip in the opening credits is a modification of a shot from that series, and what is different about it?
  7. On which stage at Shepperton did Red Dwarf IV shoot?
  8. What is blamed for the sudden deterioation in Holly’s condition in White Hole?
  9. The first part of D.N.A. was shot without the studio audience present. Why?
  10. The dome on Io as seen at the start of Dimension Jump was used in which other episode of Red Dwarf?

As before, answers should be sent to; and they need to arrive no later than Friday 23rd January. And even if you don’t know all the answers, have a bash. You never know.


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