Hey, it’s a month today that the Series IV DVD is released in Region 2! We should honour the occasion somehow… come back later. In the meantime, have a goosey at the Region 4 covers. The main difference is the lack of lovely logo on the spines, as per Region 1. How silly. Plus, the classification stuff is written in the lower black bar, instead of “The Original/Entire Series”. Note also that Series III is rated higher than Series IV. Ho! Course, the most interesting thing about the article is that Ellard refers to “future film-based visits” to Australia. Things are still happening, folks.

Elsewhere on TOS this week, everyone’s favourite penguin chats to Jack Klaff, who played Abe Lincoln in Meltdown, which is one of the best episodes ever, and anyone who disagrees can fuck off immediately. Go on. Jack reveals that he can’t actually remember who got him the job, and that he thinks Pauline Bailey (Marilyn Monroe in the episode) is FAT. Also, his son loves Red Dwarf, so we applaud his parenting efforts.

Finally, another reminder that Series Three of The Brittas Empire is released on Monday. Play inform me that my copy is in the post, so hopefully there’ll be a review up by the end of the weekend. Excellently, the article promises that Series Four and Five will be out by the end of the year. Let joy be unconfined! These two are widely regarded to be the peak of the series (before Fegen, Norris and Julia St John fucked off), as well as being rather long – presuming the first Christmas special will be on the series five disc, it will have nine episodes!

Oh, and have a close look at the cover shot of the Brittas DVD – the thumbnail on the spine shows the Series Two cover. Ho! I cannot believe I just spotted that.

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