Wah! I didn’t win a place on the fans’ commentary track! This is, I’m sure you’ll agree, due to a vindictive vendetta against me personally, which is being pursued by several members of staff at Grant Naylor Productions. Or it could be that only 1.33% of the entrants could be successful. Still, massive congratulations to Steve “Cpt-D” Harris! Make sure you give your favourite website a quick mention, you jammy bastard. Also, congratulations to another occasional G&T-ite – Ruth Latchford. I went for a drink with her a couple of weeks ago, and she’s ace. So, well done, Ruth!

In other DVD news, the chapter points are up. Ellard is right – they are probably the least exciting DVD detail, but that won’t stop me from rabbiting on about them for a paragraph or so. Let’s start with the Star Trek reference: the second chapter of DNA shares a name with the eighth film in the series – First Contact. I suggest you re-read that sentence as soon as you wake up tomorrow, and then quote The Last Day. Observations – the white hole looks lovely as ever on the chapter menu, “Using Your Head” from that episode is the cheesiest title ever, and the chapters are nicely spaced out for all episodes, apart from Dimension Jump, which seems to have about four in the first ten minutes. Oh, and the collector’s booklet seems equally as gorgeous as its predeccessors. Next week: deleted scenes (!)

Chris Barrie must be flogging something. Presumably, it’s the Red Dwarf and Brittas DVDs. Why else would he appear on two daytime chat shows in the same week? He’ll be on ITV1’s Des and Mel on Monday 2nd February, and then five’s Terry and Gabby on Thursday the 5th. Tickets for latter are free, and available from the address on the relevant article. I’m actually in Nodnol that day, but can’t possibly make the recording. How annoying. This isn’t the first time Chris has been interviewed by Terry Wogan, obviously…

And finally, be sure to have a goosey at the Lurve featurette. Did I say Lurve featurette? I meant Funny Valentine article. It’s easy to get those two dudes mixed up.

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