45 deleted scenes. Fucking hell.

Well, one deleted scene and 44 deleted snippets, but the point stands. Let’s put this into perspective – the combined number of deleted moments from the first two DVDs is less than the number of deleted moments from Series IV. Okay, they’re probably a lot shorter, but even so. This is pants-wettingly exciting. It’s our chance to have a look at things that are a bit rubbish! Crap special effects from DNA and White Hole! Poor jokes from DNA and Dimension Jump! A park in London, which supposedly doubles for a bit of Justice World! A scene from Camille without backing music! A scene from White Hole without video-effects! And best of all, a scene from Dimension Jump without the background being chromokeyed in!

There is a bit of a disappointment, though – the Tracy Brabin version of Kochanski Camille couldn’t be cleared. You can imagine the phone call: “Hi, Tracy! Remember when we edited you out of that show thirteen years ago, because you were so shit? Well, can we sell the footage on DVD?” “Fuck off. [cries]” Oh well. Lest we forget, this is the first series to actually include unseen stuff from all six episodes. There were no deleted scenes from Future Echoes or Better Than Life, and the rushes for Marooned have gone walk-abouts. Incidentally, it’s good to see that GNP have checked all available rushes, and not just the studio tapes. There’s plenty of pre-recorded stuff here (most of the Dimension Jump moments) and even location footage.

Elsewhere on TOS, part two of the Lurve featurette, sorry, Funny Valentine article, which includes stuff from Last Human, along with lots of great supposition, but omits Rimmer’s girl from cadet school, Sandra. Mind you, Rimmer was obviously lying about the incident, which is made clear in the novel Better Than Life.

And finally, a reminder that the jammy American bastards get their fucking DVDs on Tuesday. Gah. We should never have let them win the War of Independance.

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