What with our compo running and getting LOADS OF ANSWERS HONEST, here’s a couple more compos that are running at the moment:

www.trydivevent.com have a particuarly nice one going – the prize being the first four Dwarf DVDs, and a signed Chris Barrie T-shirt – with a ridiculously easy question. A couple of words of warning, though – you have to create an account with them before entering which includes giving your home address (which is a bit worrying, frankly); and also, a little chappy by the peculiar name of Cat hott has posted to Groovetown and alt.tv.red-dwarf (and possibly other places I haven’t seen) claiming that they have “been Star Bugging around the internet for Red Dwarf merchandise” and that they “came across this competition giving away all four dvd’s and a signed t-shirt by Chris Barrie”. Man, if you’re going to spam, at least try and be vaguely honest about it. In fact, these two facts almost put me off mentioning it, but it’s such a good prize that I thought I’d let you all know so you can decide if you want to enter or not. It’s just a bit unfortunate that the finest things tend to be in the possession of people who are judged to be ‘a bit dodgy’.

Secondly, Sci-Fi Online are giving away a copy of Series 3 or Brittas (scroll down); with another stupidly easy question. They should take a leaf out of our book, and ask something about how many explosions there are in all 52 episodes, or something.

There must be loads of other compos running out there – let us know if you’ve spotted any. It helps the POOR and the NEEDY. Including me, as I currently don’t have the money for any of the Brittas DVDs. Wah.

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