In a further example of someone else doing our work for us, the ever-excellent Joeyanna Cannon has sent me a scan from this week’s TV Times, regarding a new quiz show called Inside Clyde. It’s a kids show, for The Disney Channel, and it’s hosted by none other than Tony “various dispensing machines/BTL guide/suitcase/compere/Caligula” Hawks. From the TV Times:

INSIDE CLYDE, Disney Channel, 5.30pm
Anyone who has seen Innerspace (1987), in which Dennis Quaid is shrunk and injected into another human, will get the idea of this interactive game show. British comedian Tony Hawks is an ingenious professor, who has perfected the art of shrinking people and launching them in a BodyPod into his assistant, Clyde. Called ‘Bionauts’, these humans – two kids and an adult – are then sent on missions inside Clyde’s stomach, eye, ear, brain… A real learning experience!

So, tune in to The Disney Channel at 5:30pm on Sundays. If the Hawks link isn’t enough, you might be interested in the similarity between this concept and that of Kryten’s nanobots, which Joey pointed out to me. I wonder if the BodyPod makes a “mimimimimimimimi” noise?

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