Bear with me, folks. I’ve been doing a little detective work. The Image Bank section of TOS has been updated. And yes, the new pictures are up now. Another new addition to each page is the background for each picture, which varies from series to series. So, it’s red for Series I, blue for Series II, green for Series III and creamy/beige for Series IV. There’s some kind of link here that I can’t quite put my finger on…

Oh, of course! The colours of the backgrounds are the same colours as the DVD covers! Silly me. This link is further verified by Series V using a nice aqua colour, after young Ellard revealed that the V DVD would show the Esperanto underwater, first in his G&T interview and later in this DVD Details update.

So, judging by this, what does the future have in store? Well, the cover of Series VI looks set to have a dark brown cover; perhaps it will be something Western-themed? Or POO. Ahem. Anyway, it looks as though the excellent Series VII will be all purpley. I’ve no idea what this could be; none of the ships used in the series are purple, and I can’t remember any sets or locations of this hue. One thing that springs to mind is the dimensional linkway from Ouroboros, but that was more of a blue. Any thoughts?

Finally, Series VIII is shown with an orange background. In a WebBoard thread that has long since been deleted, Andrew “GNA” Ellard said that he was considering using an orange external prison wall as the background image. I remember him saying this, but with the forum pruned regularly, I don’t have the actual quote. Can any WebBoard regulars back me up?

Of course, this shouldn’t be taken as fact; it’s just guesswork. It could be mere coincidence that the backgrounds to the first four series are the same colours as the corresponding DVD, but, frankly, that’s unlikely. It is entirely possible, however, that the last three series have been given any old colour, in lieu of a decision being made. But the orange for Series VIII, discussed by Ellard ages ago, makes me believe that I’m correct in my assumption.

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