Some Kind Of Squid

Hey, remember our You Jammy Goits article? Course you do, it was only published last week. Anyway, it was an article that responded to some of the criticism of the DVDs; the basic message being “appreciate what you’ve got, because, basically, they’re fantastic”. Well, one reader took exception to this, and posted a lengthy comment in the appropriate thread. So that it doesn’t eventually get lost, we’ve HTML-ised Squidy’s post, which is entitled If You’re Going To Talk Garbage, Expect Pain.

But, we wouldn’t let it lie there. We’ve retaliated with another lengthy article, The Thing You Should Bring Is Silence, addressing the points that Squidy raised. I’ve tried to keep the bitching to a minimum, but, you know. So, what now? Well, that remains to be seen.

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  1. This may be one of the best pieces of old G&T I’ve ever read, and I’d absolutely recommend it to any of my fellow relatively-newcomers. (also, that link in the article doesn’t work, try instead)

  2. Yes, I found all those other old things I bumped in a search for this.

  3. >This may be one of the best pieces of old G&T I’ve ever read

    Really? I thought it was massively entitled bollocks in the main, to be honest.

  4. As in, I think the whole back-and-forth is kinda neat. Not necessarily that I’m in love with Squidy.

  5. Sort of in the way that saying ‘I enjoy World War II history and Mein Kampf was an interesting read to give context to it’ isn’t the same as saying ‘Hitler had fantastic ideas and his work needs to be finished’.

  6. G&T Admin

    This was not a happy memory. I don’t think anyone comes out of it well.

  7. Using best in reference to anything from G&T is an oxymoron

  8. Oh fuck, a link to my one as well.


  9. (By the way, I feel the need to point out that I’m very good friends with Jonathan/Squidy and he’s not like that either these days. Not fair to hold someone to task over 15-year-old juvenilia I don’t think.)

  10. I think what this site really needs is more articles dedicated to flame wars between random users and the admins. Starting with Darrell

  11. Man, this guy _really_ hates Andrew Ellard.

  12. I refer you to my previous post.

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