This should be of interest to some of you. Craig Bierko (Lister in Red Dwarf USA) stars in The Thirteenth Floor, which is to be shown on BBC ONE at 11:20pm this evening. Unless you are reading this tomorrow, in which case you’ve missed it. It’s a sci-fi thriller, in which our hero is transported to a computer-generated version of the 1930s. Hmmm. Still, it gets 6.4/10 on IMDB, so it’s sure to be good.

When you watch Red Dwarf USA, you get the impression that Craig isn’t a bad actor, it’s just that he wasn’t right for Lister. A slobby little Scouser transformed into a rugged Detroit beefcake. But, other than Robert Llewellyn (obviously), he was the most promising of the actors. I didn’t think much of Jane Leeves, but I know that other people did. What do you think?

See how I invited a big thread of comments, there? Very subtle. Ta very much to SOTCAA for attracting our attention to this.

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